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Incredibly popular multi-coloured chunky yarn in a wide range of colours. One of our best sellers at Knit Wits. At only £5.99 for a 200g ball it's incredibly good value too.

needle size

6 mm
( 4 UK )
( 10 US )

tension sqaure


weight & length per ball
312 metres
343 yards
200 grams

care instructions

Patterns which use this range:

JB130 Ladies' Cabled Sweater

JB088 Children's Hooded Waistcoat

JB072 Ladies' Cardigan

JB071 Ladies' Sweater

JB071 Ladies' Hat and Scarf Set

JB070 Ladies' Waistcoat

JB069 Ladies' Long Sweater

JB069 Ladies' Snood

JB085 Children's Long Cardigan

JB016 Long Bolero, Hat & Mittens

JB016 Short Bolero, Hat & Mittens

JB015 Cardigan, Hat & Scarf Sets

JB014 Jacket, Hat and Scarf Set

JB013 Cardigan & Hat Sets

JB013 Cardigan & Hat Sets

JB128 Ladies' Cabled Tunic

JB087 Children's Jacket

JB021 Ladies' Cardigan and Hat

JB086 Children's Jacket

JB127 Ladies' Short Sleeved Long Cardigan

JB021 Ladies' Hat

JB022 Ladies' Cabled Cardigan

JB023 Ladies' Curved Edge Bolero

JB024 Ladies' Polo Neck Sweater with Cables

JB029 Ladies' Short Sleeved Cable Sweater

JB030 Ladies' Cabled Coat

JB031 Ladies' Sweater with Front Pocket

JB032 Ladies' Cabled Jacket

JB047 Children's Cabled Sweater

JB048 Children's Cabled Cardigan

JB049 Children's Hooded Sweater

JB050 Children's Cabled Sweater

JB129 Ladies' Sweater

JB185 Ladies' Cabled Sweater

JB186 Ladies' Jacket

JB187 Ladies' Cabled Sweater

JB187 Ladies' Plain Sweater

JB188 Ladies Hooded Sweater

JB188 Ladies Round Neck Sweater

James Brett

'Marble Chunky'

100% Acrylic


ball weight: 200g.
meterage: 312


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