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Noro Catwalk

4-ply Ladies' Kureyon Sock Cabled Sweater

Ladies' Kureyon Sock Cabled Sweater 4-ply ladies
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Kureyon Sock Yarn
Noro Catwalk


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Kureyon Sock Cabled Sweater
This sweater is the perfect combination - fantastic colours and a lovely shape. As with all Noro it's the colours that make it and I did work quite hard to get the colours to go up in sequence - call me anal if you like!! I knitted it about 2.5cm longer than the pattern and you could, of course, make it even longer if you preferred. Kureyon sock isn't an even twist but the end effect is fabulous! more>

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Kureyon Sock Yarn
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Kureyon Sock Yarn

Fabulous colour changing yarn which is ideal for socks and other 4ply projects. It is very hard to adequately describe the amazing vibrant colours in this yarn.

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