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Rialto Lace

Debbie Bliss
Fashion Sideways Knitted Cardigan

Sideways Knitted Cardigan Fashion ladies
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Rialto Lace


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Sideways Knitted Cardigan
This cardigan has one heck of a lot of knitting in it but I really love it! The bottom is knitted sideways all the way round and the top is then picked up and added on. There is no mention of blocking in the pattern but, as with all lace work, blocking is essential and transforms your knitting! more>

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Debbie Bliss
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Debbie Bliss
25% OFF Rialto Lace

25% OFF!! New for Summer 2012 is Debbie's Rialto Lace weight yarn. Made from her scruptious pure merino, this is a glorious yarn - perfect for laceweight patterns!

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