5-ply Guernsey Wool Cornish Guernseys & Knit Frocks by Mary Wright


Cornish Guernseys & Knit Frocks by Mary Wright

The definitive book for knitting a traditional Cornish Guernsey (or Gansey) or Knit Frock.

In 1970 Mary Wright was asked to copy a guernsey from an old photograph for a WI display at the Royal Cornwall Show and, from there, a national WI exhibition on "Tomorrow's Heirlooms" followed in 1975. This book was first published in 1979 with 5 more re-prints to 1988. After that there was a lapse in interest in knitted Ganseys but interest revived in the 21st century and the book was published again in 2008 by Polperro Heritage Press.

Along with a fascinating history of Cornish Ganseys there is a pattern for both a traditional Gansey and Cornish Knit Frock and no less than 21 Cornish patterns 9 border patterns.